RIZE is a faux zoo located in California’s Northern Redwood Forests. It is an experience meant to immerse guests into the thrilling wildlife area that the Redwood Forest has to offer. It is a zoo meant for the adventurous and wildlife enthusiasts.
Besides having one of the most unique ecosystems in North America, the Redwood Forests are also home to some of the most unique animals in the world. One of the most recently discovered animals that call this place their home is known now as the Western Flying Squirrel. In 2017 scientists and researchers discovered the new species of flying squirrels who live exclusively in California’s Northern Redwood Forest. This new species of flying squirrel is testament to the great importance of preserving the Redwoods and of maintaining wildlife safe. For these reasons I choose to illustrate and incorporate the Western Flying Squirrel into my logo-mark for the zoo. Additionally, I used a San-serif typeface that was then skewed at an angle to give the mark its rising effect. The color palette chosen is directly inspired to reflect the theme and natural colors of the Redwood Forest. The texture used in the logo-mark itself is meant to represent the wild and thrilling adventures that RIZE offers its guests.
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